The European quality standard in the education sector

The European quality standard in the education sectorThe EUC standard is a European aimed standard which helps educational institutions to prepare themselves for the modern requirements in the area of education and further training. A high quality standard is one of the main concerns of companies, public institutions as well as non-profit organizations in Europe.

Due to the very different opinions of the various European countries regarding the type and implementation of educations and further trainings as well as the discrepancy of the different systems, it seemed impossible for a long time to create a homogenous quality standard, which leads to an increase in quality along with a comparability of educational programmes in all EU countries. The EUC standard has been created by subject matter experts and educational institutions, taking into account their experience in the education sector, as well as already existing standards. The EUC standard pursues the following objectives: To increase, to maintain and to continually improve the quality standard of educational institutions, teachers and instructors. To document and continually improve the quality standard of learning and educational materials, as well as training concepts. To support educational institutions, teachers and instructors in the creation, implementation and improvement of their educational programmes. To make the educational programmes more comparable.