European Certified Training Professional (EUC 9610)

Teaching staff are persons that work full- or half-time as teachers, seminar or workshop leaders, trainers, lecturers or coaches. They have professional and pedagogical qualifications, as well as practical experience in the field of didactics.

Personality, persuasive power and proof of pedagogical and didactical stills play a decisive role in the certification process.


The quality seal

Certified lecturers / trainers receive a certificate documenting their certification and are entitled to bear the following seal in connection with their name.


Basis requirements

For the evaluation of the professional qualification the following documents must be submitted:

  • Documentation of the scholastic / academic and professional career
  • Confirmation of trainers, lecturers or teacher training
  • At least 5 references
  • Documentation about the person and the focal points of the proposition (curriculum vitae, brochures, product range, objectives etc.)
  • Three seminar concepts with lecture notes for the participants
  • Contracts, qualifications, diplomas
  • Documentations about the didactic approaches and focus areas

Personal requirements

  • Rhetorical skills
  • Mature personality
  • Proof of didactic skills and capabilities
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in teaching