European Certified Training Concept (EUC 9627)

Seminar concepts are documentations about the procedures, the contents as well as the execution of seminars, trainings and training courses in the broadest sense. They must be suited to reach the defined learning objective. At the same time methods and procedures along with actions, revealing that the learners are being adressed at all levels and an interactive learning process adapted to the target group can take place, have to be defined and implemented.


The quality seal

The certification of a seminar concept is documented by a certificate with a registration number. Certified educational institutions or training professionals are authorized to use the following seal with the registration number in connection with the certified seminar concept.



It must be evident from the seminar concept, that the procedures, the contents and the execution are closely coordinated and can be implemented by a qualified teacher.

In the application for certification of a seminar concept the following criteria must be verified:

  • Logical structure of the concept
  • Objective of the seminar (trainings etc.)
  • Learning-enhancing reappraisal of accompanying educational material
  • Definition of the target group as well as the requiered previous knowledge
  • Tender documents (promotional material, etc.)
  • Exposition of teaching and learning methods
  • Possibilities of learning success control
  • Exposition of measures to promote practical relevance
  • Qualification und suitability of the seminar instructors
  • Criteria for the selection of auxiliary tools and personnel
  • Spacial and technical requierements for the execution