European Certified Learning Concept (EUC 9628)

Study and training materials are learning materials in electronic or written form, that are made available to the participant of a training or further education on a temporary or occasional basis with the purpose to acquire new knowledge. They follow clearly defined learning objectives and can finish with a private or state-conferred degree.


The quality seal

The certification of study and training materials is documented by a certificate and approval number. The educational institution is entitled to use the following seal with approval number in connection with the cerfified learning material.



A certification of study and training materials is only possible if the educational institution is certified.

Study and training materials must be designed and worked out in a manner, that they can be used without further tools and an implementation of what has been learned into practice can take place. Likewise, the materials must allow a control of the learning success by the learner at all times in order for him to be able to monitor his level of knowledge at any time.

The primary focus in the certification of study materials and training documents is on the didactic concept. For a certification the following points have to be demonstrated:

  • Plausible transference of the learning contents
  • Comprehensible representation
  • Revision that enhances learning (Layout)
  • Promotion of practical relevance
  • Possibility of learning success controls by the learner
  • Attainability of the learning and training objectives
  • Notification of the learning objectives
  • Suitable didactic concept
  • Qualifications of the authors