European Certified Education Institut (EUC 9611)

Educational institutions are public or private companies, that employ teaching staff and pursue the goal to provide a defined group of persons with knowledge, abilities and skills. Educational institutions are institutions

  • With a commercial or non-profit background
  • With full-time or part-time teaching staff
  • With educational programmes of different duration and at different times of the day
  • That work according to a well thought out pedagogical learning system
  • That offer their educational programmes to a defined group of participants (Age, education, status etc.)
  • Which number of participants exceeds 50 persons


Educational institutions that work in accordance with a quality management system, which reflects the most important education-relevant processes and guarantees a continuous improvement process. For a certification the following evidence, among other, is needed:

  • Appointment of a quality management representative
  • Submission of proof about an implemented quality management system
  • Documentation concerning the company (broschures, proposals, objectives, main focus areas, teaching staff etc.)
  • Submission of the quality management manual
  • Quality management procedural documentation
  • Audit reports or other external inspection records
  • Proof of the fulfillment of the EUC standard


Quality management documentation

The educational institution must provide quality management documentations showing the following:

  • Which company divisions the quality management refers to
  • Explanations and distinctive considerations about company divisions, that are not subject to the company’s quality management
  • Risk management
  • Description of the quality policy as well as the resulting quality objectives
  • Proof, that processes are carried out as scheduled and their effectiveness is reviewed on a regular basis
  • Documentation of interrelations of individual procedures, that have an influence on the quality management.


Quality management procedures

The documentation of the quality management system has to include the most important procedures of educational relevance. These include in particular:

  • Provision of training courses
  • Development of courses and teaching materials
  • Selection and qualification of employees and teaching staff
  • Recruitment and registration of participants (incl contract / information material)