Personal certification (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024)

Personal certification (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024)

With a personal certification you prove your personal and professional qualifications as an expert and guarantee your clients competence and expertise at a highest level. People are...

European Certified Training Concept (EUC 9627)

European Certified Training Concept (EUC 9627)

Seminar concepts are documents about the procedure, the contents as well as the implementation of seminars, training courses and tutorials in the broadest sense. In order to achieve the defined learning objective they have to be...

European Certified Learning Concept - EUC 9628

European Certified Learning Concept (EUC 9628)

Study and training materials are learning materials in electronic or written form, that are always or temporarily available for the participant of a training or further education...

European Certified Training Professional (EUC 9610)

European Certified Training Professional (EUC 9610)

Teachers are persons, that work full or part time as a teacher, seminar or workshop leader, trainer, lecturer or coach. They have professional and pedagogical qualifications as well as...

European Certified Education Institut

European Certified Education Institut (EUC 9611)

Educational institutions are public or private companies, that employ teachters with the purpose to impart knowledge, skills or capabilities to a defined group of persons.


European Committee for Quality Assurance GEIE

European Committee for Quality AssuranceThe European Committee for Quality Assurance is a European community of interests with members from different EU countries. The EUC has its headquarters in Brussels. The aim of the association is to certify companies and persons according to international standards, as well as to support certification bodies in the assessment of qualifications. The European Committee for Quality Assurance exists since 2002.


Personal certification

PersonenzertifizierungThose who want to be successful on today’s market face the challenge to credibly demonstrate their qualification and competence. A Europe-wide recognized certification within a personal certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 is an appropriate and forward-looking measure ...


The European quality standard in the education sector

Der Europäische Qualitätsstandard in der BildungsbrancheThe EUC standard is a European aimed standard which helps educational institutions to prepare themselves for the modern requirements in the area of education and further training. A high quality standard is one of the main concerns of companies ...


Europe-wide transparency of qualifications

Europaweite Transparenz von QualifikationenInvestigations throughout Europe have shown that many people in the EU don’t study or learn abroad, because of the lack of recognition and transparency within the EU. This situation is further complicated by the proliferation of qualifications worldwide ...



Evaluation of qualifications

Some of the most important taks of the Committee for Quality Assurance are to evaluate the qualifications of persons and to assess examination performances. The expert committees of the European Committee consist of qualified subject matter experts and play an important role in the evaluation of professional qualifications...

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Certification of lecturers and teaching staff

Lecturers and teaching staff are substantially involved in the success of knowledge transfer. Their abilities, pedagogical approach and experiences are important prerequisits for a successful knowsledge transfer and a lasting learning success. The subject matter experts of the European Committee for Quality Assurance examine...

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Certification of educational institutions

Educational institutions pursue a vital task in every system because they are mainly responsible for the personal development and the social progress. In contrast to other service companies, not only personal commitment but also feedback mechanisms and a close...

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Certification of learning and training concepts

Educational institutions use learning materials and publications based on a specific learning concept for their work. The learning concept usually constitutes the heart of every educational institution, because it shows the relation between lecturers and participants, the way of knowledge transfer but also the success of the...

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